Tobiah Paik


As a sailor I know what it takes to reach a mark. Applying my same skills towards real estate I know that I will use all my skills necessary to create a fast and simple approach to reaching our goal. Growing up in real estate has given me an advantage to grasping how to successfully close a transaction whether on the buying or selling side. With my team of contractors, and agents we can effectively liquidate and or procure real estate with the greatest of ease. Sailing has given me an understanding of how to effectively use all the parts on my boat. Real estate is a multi faceted industry with very intricate details. Knowing how to properly use all the parts to the best of my advantage allows me to be a great agent.

As a Seattle Native, I grew up in the real estate business, following and helping my mother since childhood with open houses, closings, and the various ins and outs of the business. From this, I have a unique perspective on the buying and selling process as well as the various neighborhoods within and around the area. As a residential and commercial development specialist, I can advise my clients on the most effective ways to use their properties, as well as how to navigate the ever evolving real estate market.

Do you have any specific questions about my real estate services? I can help you buy or sell your home with a comprehensive strategy designed for you.